Amazon Still Leading the Way

The January 24, 2011 issue of Publishers Weekly has an article on’s ability to make further gains as the leader in the eBook business. It states that Apple has sold 7.3 million iPads in the most recent quarter. It also points out that of the eBook purchases made by current iPad owners, 40% of them bought their eBook through the Kindle store. This compares to 29% being sold through the Apple iBookstore. I found this to be amazing but not surprising. Amazon has always played their own way and has continually found their way to the front of each market segment largely by getting there first.


Another amazing statistic (performed by the Codex Group) in this study is that book buyers, before buying a Kindle, made 14% of their unit purchases at Amazon. Once they bought the Kindle their purchases increased to 37%. Wow. As a representative and consultant to self-published authors, I find that these numbers really show that the first place to make your new book available is


Remember, you should be eligible to participate in their Advantage program which costs $29.95/year. They will buy the books from you at a 55% discount. Also make sure to join Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly Digital Text Platform). This program allows you to create an eBook to go in their Kindle store. All that you need is an unlocked .pdf of the book and they will convert it to their format. They don’t charge an annual fee but pay a 35% or 70% royalty depending on price point.


I have been working these programs for my clients and they are currently where the majority of sales are. It’s fairly easy to do but there are also consultants like myself who will manage these things for you for a fee.  Don’t wait! Take advantage of these programs right away.



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