The Author/Expert is the Future of Publishing

I see that the current publishing industry structure is both prohibitive and unnecessary in self-publishing. The rules are set-up for corporate bookselling and do not involve the individual. Fortunately, there is a New Economy forming. It is the Economy of the Author/Expert. The Author is both writer and owner of a small business.

This change will work as long as the Author/Expert is taking advantage of their own Unique Value. The Author/Expert positions themselves as an expert on the topic they are writing about. They need to operate in the mindset of “there is no one else like me therefore my books are unique and cannot be duplicated. And because of this I have no real competition but myself.”

This means the Author/Expert needs to approach everything they do from a relational point of view. This means that their success is based on how they relate to others. Current best practices like Social Media take advantage of being relational. They allow the Author/Expert to connect with people from all over the world. Twitter, Facebook, blogs are a few ways that this is done. The sum of all of these relational efforts becomes their Author Platform.

Their Author Platform allows them to create several products that are not dependent upon the book industry. They include: eBooks, audio programs, Teleseminars, DVD programs, subscription or membership programs, Webinars, Tools and Templates, seminars or live events, speaking, online courses, coaching and consulting, and Mastermind Programs.

Self-publishing now has the tools to efficiently and effectively create a viable small business with results depending primarily upon the Author/Expert themselves.

I have adapted this idea from bestselling author Brendon Burchard’s format for the Author/Expert. His latest book, The Millionaire Messenger, hit #1 on and also the New York Times. This book was published by a small press and is a print-on-demand title with no traditional bookstore/library sales. What a great example to follow!


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